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* [ Linuxfibel] (german)
* [ Linuxfibel] (german)
* [ From DOS to Linux HOWTO] (English)
* [ From DOS to Linux HOWTO] (german)
* [ From DOS to Linux HOWTO] (german)

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For some VDR user the first contact with VDR is also the first contact with Linux (is there a better approach? ;-). With the VDR instant solutions (c't-VDR, LinVDR,...) everything should install fluently. But after the first impressions, the wish for a deeper configuration, or a deeper knowledge about the system could arise. Besides the delivered documentation, the internet is full of information pages with tips & tricks about Linux.

Here are some links to those useful pages. (At the moment many links shows to german pages. Please help to replace them with English links)

General Linux pages

Distribution specific pages

Pages about Bash, TCL/TK, Perl

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