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"Converting formats" doesn't really fit. The explanations doesn't make any use of GStreamer but mencoder.

  • Removed during the 2015 refactor

Another refactoring and expansion

Seems like someone passes by this page about once a year and makes a bunch of improvements. I've done the 2015 facelift, and I guess you're here to make the next one. Some things you might like to know about me:

  • I have no connection to the previous authors or the GStreamer project - everything I know about GStreamer has come from about a week of reading around. If you think I've said something wrong, you're probably right
  • I haven't used entrans, and didn't examine it when doing this refactor. I tried not to make too many changes to that stuff
  • I have tried mplayer and mpv - they seem unsuitable for the reasons described on the page. But I haven't investigated ffmpeg - I suspect GStreamer's complexity is worth the time as of 2015 (because everyone's use case is so different), but you're welcome to check :)
  • I'm interested in this because I'm currently digitising my old videos. If you're reading this after the end of 2015, I've probably moved on and won't mind if you heavily rewrite my text