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These are some simple rules for maintaing CVS tree:

	1) Every CVS maintainer should be active at #V4L IRC channel. It helps
to have more discussions at major changes;
	2) Minor changes, like simple card additions (only a card row at card
struct) can be applied directly for the maintainer;
	3) Medium changes that needs modification on card coding or creating a
new card type should be discussed at #V4L channel to allow other
contributors to discuss about the way it will be included. V4L
maintainer should be warned to create a snapshot (if the change could
generate impacts on other cards) BEFORE commit to CVS;
	4) Major changes that implies changing some core structs should be
discussed on IRC, posted to the list, created a snapshot THEN committed
to CVS.
 	5) Every CVS maintainer should follow the "rules of thumb" of kernel
development like:
*  Kernel rules to submit patches
*  Kernel rules to submit drivers
*  Kernel Coding Style
	6) People interested in being a CVS maintainer should participate at IRC,
before requesting changing access to V4L CVS.
	7) Non active CVS maintainers or that doesn't like to follow the above
rules may be dropped.
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