The stuff under this directory contains older versions of drivers and API's. It is maintained in order to provide some history about the subsystem.

The releases here are quite old, you should consider using the backport tree.

The DVB driver release 1.1.1 is from the "dvb-kernel" CVS module and supports Linux 2.6.x and Linux 2.4.19+.

dvb-apps here is still at version 1.1.0.

If you have a recent 2.6.x kernel you already have the drivers and probably only need to download the applications, and maybe the firmware.

The Linux DVB API version 1 is documented in linux-dvb-api-1.0.0.pdf. TeX sources for the documentation are included in the driver tarball.

linuxtv-dvb-apps-1.1.0.tar.bz2test/demo apps and utilities
linux-dvb-api-1.0.0.pdfDVB API documentation