Linuxtv Downloads: Presentations

Available presentations:

plumbers2008/Presentations made during the first V4L/DVB summit, at LPC/2008
summit_jun_2010/Presentations made at the V4L Summit on June, 2010
media_ws_2011/Some material related to the media workshop Oct, 2011
media_ws_2012/Presentations made during KS/2012 media workshop in San Diego on Aug, 2012
media_ws_2012_EU/Presentations made during LCE media workshop in Barcelona on Nov, 2012
media_ws_2013/Presentations made during KS/2013 media workshop in Edimburgh on Oct, 2013
media_summit_2014_DE/Presentations made during the Media Workshop in Düsseldorf on Oct, 2014
media_summit_2015_US/Presentations made during the Linux Media Summit in San José - CA on March, 26 2015
mc_ws_2015/Presentations made and material produced during the Media Controller Workshop in Espoo - Finland on July, 29 2015
media_ws_2015_seoul/Presentations made and material produced during the Linux Kernel Summit - Media Workshop in Seoul - South Korea on Oct, 26 2015
media_summit_2016_san_diego/Presentations made and material produced during the Linux Media Summit in San Diego - San diego on Apr, 7 2016
Typical media hybrid hardwareGraph used during media token discussions via ML on Oct, 2014

Note: Except if explicitly mention on the documents, you should contact the authors with regards to copyrights, if you intend to copy, modify or redistribute the material.