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[linux-dvb] New Skystar2 drivers release

i'm happpy to see some people interested in Skystar2, well so i try to make point of situation:

First release doesn't work with FlexcopIIB so we (i and my friends) fixed problem, we fixed als some syntax errors, compilation was not easy more error in Makefile missing headers , etc etc but some of us al least was able to compile modules and they worked. I have slack 9.0 and i have no problem, people with MDK9.1 too but with older distros some problems occurred. Drivers works well but they still have some bugs.
Today authors release a patch he fix some bug (but not all) and add decrypting, but there is still a problem with headers but easy to resolve just copyng right headers in right place.
Authors post on forum (english), there you can found also Lovec that made some fix in drivers and still working on it
there is also an italian forums
where you can found info about skystar2 (old b2c2 driver and Giorby's audio/video modules) and you can found results of all tests maded on this card.
So you can download drivers on there is first release and patch update by author and also a packed version made by Lovec with fixed bug and with right headers path,so ready to compile.

P.S: you can find me on jabber,, yahoo messenger gigyz or icq # 21144409

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