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[linux-dvb] Re: New NOVA-T model 928 with Conexant Chipset?


I'm a software engineer working for Hauppuage. I've developed a linux-dvb
opensource driver for this board, I've been tested it with VDR and mplayer,
it's very stable. We are currrently negotiating with Conexant to release it.
Right now, for legal reasons, we cannot discuss any of the technical detail.
As soon as we get clearence, we intend to release the source. (And some
distro specific binaries - for ease of use).

However, at this moment, Hauppuage cannot officially support Linux or this
driver - I'm sure you understand. So, with the blessing of management, I
plan to maintain and support the driver myself, via this group.

Now that the news of the new board has broken, I can let you all know what's



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Subject: [linux-dvb] Re: New NOVA-T model 928 with Conexant Chipset?

From: "Gerd Knorr" <>
> The real problem is the Connexant Frontend tuner on the board as
> connexant usually isn't willing to give out specs.

Well, the actual HF tuner is a Thomson one - does Thomson give out specs?
CX2388x specs seem to be out there, but specs for the CX22702 DVB-T
demodulator might be hard to come by...

Robert Schlabbach
Berlin, Germany

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