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[linux-dvb] Types and capabilites for HDTV ATSC.

I am the owner of a FunsionHDTV 3 Gold card. I have the 
analog TV and audio working with my modificatons to the 
CX88 driver. I am working on the Digital TV (HDTV ATSC) and 
want to integrate it into DVB as I seems to be a good fit. 
The FusionHDTV card produces a transport stream that seems 
to fit well with DVB. I found Chris Pascoe's modifications 
to the cx88 driver and plan to adapt them for my card. The 
LGDT3302 frontend provides some of the signal quality data 
the other DVB demodulators provide. It tunes the same 
physical frequency bands as U.S. analog TV.

I am not sure which fe_type I should use for the driver. 
FE_QAM seems appropriate for QAM 64/256 that is supported 
by the card. What existing or new type is ATSC HDTV? Does 
the driver register 2 interfaces, one for each type?

I think a new fe_caps may be needed for 8VSB ATSC. How 


For fe_type FE_QAM the fe_caps should probably be

FE_CAN_QAM_64 | FE_QAM_256

Mac Michaels

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