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[linux-dvb] DiBcom DVB-T USB and frontend driver (Twinhan, KWorld, Hama)

Hello List,

I committed two new drivers to the Linux TV CVS. One is called dib3000mb
and the other is called dvb-dibusb.

The dib3000mb is a frontend driver for the DiB3000-MB demodulator
manufactured by DiBcom. The dvb-dibusb is an USB device driver for
devices based on a reference design also made by DiBcom.

This set of drivers substitute the vp7041-driver which is now removed
from LinuxTV-CVS. They aren't yet complete (not all ioctl calls are
implemented yet and some will be changed, based on experience) but the
basic functionality should be already possible.

Currently I'm aware of four dibusb-devices which are equipped with a
dib3000mb. In particular that are:

Twinhan VisionPlus VisionDTV USB-Ter DVB-T Device (VP7041)
DiBcom USB DVB-T reference device (non-public)

This devices are USB1.1 and don't need external power. It is possible
that there are other devices which are powered by that demod.

I would appreciate if someone could test the drivers and report the
results. Especially the ones, who did not succeeded with the vp7041-driver
should try this one, because the reverse-engineered vp7041 had a big
mistake when setting ofdm-parameters, which is solved now.

The firmware can also be found in linux-tv cvs (firmware/). It is called
dvb-dibusb- . The vp7041 firmware is not compatible to this

best regards,

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