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[linux-dvb] Re: alps_tdlb7 broken in current dvb-kernel


thanks for answering.

Michael Hunold wrote:

> On 24.09.2004 17:42, Michael Hunold wrote:
>> Perhaps you can go through the old and new version, compare them and 
>> find the error by yourself? I'll have a look at the code and come back 
>> to you if I find anything suspicous.

I tried different revisions, but they don't compile with kernel
2.6.9-rc2. Can you recommend a kernel version where older cvs versions
are supposed to compile?

> Can you please try out the attached patch (directly inside the frontend 
> directory)? The changes are not that crucial, but the open/close on the 
> i2c gate may not be correct.

Unfortunately I already tried exactly that yesterday (should have
written that), only without this peace of your patch, but I don't think
this should make a difference
(I had "return (ret !=1) ? -EREMOTEIO : 0;).

> -        return (ret != 3) ? -EREMOTEIO : 0;
> +        return (ret != 1) ? -1 : 0;

Any other idea?


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