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[linux-dvb] Re: Simultaneous use of PCI and USB DVB receivers?


> >If there anywhere I can find a list of supported USB devices? The
> >supported card list in the download section only mentions the DECxxxx
> >devices and the Nova-T USB. Are any of these devices USB 2.0 capable?
> I was also wondering. I was thinking about a TechniSat SkyStar USB Box, 
> which I could get here on a special offer.
> I have read somewhere, that one should also be supported by the skystar2.c
> B2C2 driver.
> Can someone confirm, if this external TechniSat box is working?


tested VDR recently with Xine-Plugin and a Nova-s USB. Kernel 2.6.4 did not
recognize this device due to USB kernel problems so I upgraded to Kernel and it worked without problems - nearly, because due to the USB 1.1
interface, recording one channel while watching another on the same
transponder was not possible. The live picture had massive errors and the
running recording also was destroyed by this switching.
So if you use USB 1.1 devices, turn off those advanced features in VDR or
just use the USB device as primary device besides to one or several PCI
receiver cards (or USB 2.0 cards) - but remember not to switch the channels
when recording on both devices.

With kind regards

Jörg Knitter

BTW: Am I right that I am also limited to 4 DVB devices even when I use USB?
Just for interest, not that I (currently) need to run 10 DVB receivers in
one PC...

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