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[linux-dvb] Re: Hauppauge WinTV Nova-S SE ----> Unknown device 1016

> Can you send me the complete output of "lspci -v -n" for that card please?
> Also, I'll need the markings on the tin box on the card. I'll also need to
> know the demodulator chip onboard - I dunno what is easiest for you -
> either a list of the chips on the card, or hi res photos of the card so I
> can read the chip numbers.
> I'm not promising anything, but its likely it just needs an entry added in
> for it.

Thanks for the info Lucian.

I found a description of the card in TT's BDA windows drivers.

Supposedly it is a:
TechnoTrend DVB-S: Samsung DVB-S NIM / (S5H1420/PN1010)

As far as I can see, the S5H1420 and PN1010 are both demodulator chips - so it 
must be two different revisions of the tinbox. As to which yours contains, I 
do not know. You'd have to open up the tin box to see what is present. 
Neither of them is supported right now :(

I'm also not sure what tinbox it is. The picture you sent me had 
"DNBU17112IPS(T)  040929  AAAATR" on it (included so others can see). I tried 
searching about, but couldn't find anything. Mind you, manufacturers seem to 
be awfully coy about their tuners for some reason.

Here is programming info on the Samsung S5H1420 Demodulator if someone wants 
to have a look:

If its using the PN1010, I cannot find any info about this, beyond a brief 
product description at:

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