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[linux-dvb] Re: 2.6.10-rc3-bk3 doesn't properly detect skystar2'sfrontend

Niklas Peinecke schrieb:
Prakash K. Cheemplavam wrote:

Niklas Peinecke schrieb:

Prakash K. Cheemplavam wrote:


dmesg shows:

drivers/media/dvb/b2c2/skystar2.c: FlexCopII(rev.130) chip found
drivers/media/dvb/b2c2/skystar2.c: the chip has 6 hardware filters
DVB: registering new adapter (SkyStar2).
master_xfer: write error 0 !
message 0: flags=0x0, addr=0x68, buf[0]=0x2, len=2
master_xfer: read error !
message 0: flags=0x0, addr=0x68, buf=0x0, len=1
message 1: flags=0x1, addr=0x68, buf=0x0, len=1
master_xfer: read error !
message 0: flags=0x0, addr=0xf, buf=0x7f, len=1
message 1: flags=0x1, addr=0xf, buf=0x0, len=1
mt352_read_register: readreg error (ret == -121)
skystar2: A frontend driver was not found for device 13d0/2103 subsystem 13d0/2103

Maybe you need the stv0299 frontend?

Nope, I don't think so... ;-) I have rev ss2 2.3.

I have compiled in dvbcore, skystar2 and mt312 and this worked with 2.6.10-rc3 kernel.

What does that mean? It used to work before or just compilation worked?

Yes, it compiled and the device worked.

If it works you don't have to worry about error messages: They just tell that there is no mt352 frontend attached (which is no surprise since mt352 is the frontend for the Airstar).
Are there any problems apart from the messages?
Yes, there seems to be confusion. :-)

2.6.10-rc3: The device works as expected (though I get three lines of uncritical errors.)

2.6.10-rc3-bk3: I get above errors and the device does *not* work.



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