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[linux-dvb] Re: USB DVB-T products in Debian?

On Mon, 27 Dec 2004, Samuel Huang wrote:

Hi Samuel,

Pentium-4, Debian (with kernel-2.6.9)...that's my baby ^^

1. I've heard about the outstanding performance of Dibcom demodulator and found lots devices supported in dvb-kernel listed in the papers. Can anyone tell me which product have been successfully installed in your PC (better as same as mine in Debian) and worked fine? Thanks.
I tested the following USB1.1 devices in Debian Sarge (2.6.9 - self compiled), equipped with a DiBcom 3000-MB:
- TwinhanDTV USB-Ter DVB-T Device (VP7041)
- DiBcom reference design

Others told me, that the
- TwinhanDTV Magic Box (VP7041e)
- Artec T1 USB TVBOX
are also working.

It seems to me, and to the one who used the MagicBox, that the reception ability of those two boxes is limited. A direct comparisson of USB-Ter and KWorld USB Boxes with the antenna in the same position was very enlightening:
Scanning with the Kworld shows up all channels, Twinhan only found the half of the available channels (strongest frequencies). Same with the MagicBox. But I also heard, that there is a newer revision of the MagicBox, which had the same qualitiy as the Kworld.

The USB2.0 part of the driver isn't running completely yet, but will be soon, hopefully (using the DiBcom 3000P/MC demod). I would recommend to buy a USB2.0 device. I don't know if Kworld updated their device to USB2.0 yet..

Artec would be an option as well for USB2.0 .

Twinhan has the MagicBox II (don't have the confirmation yet, that they use the dib3000p as demod for this device). They say, it is only available in Australia, but since you are in Taiwan, maybe you will by able to get one.



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