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[vdr] Patch: Multiple DVB-s cards sharing one LNB


I patched VDR in a way that multiple DVB-s cards can be connected to the same LNB.
This makes it possible to use a splitter to feed two DVB-s cards with one line or to 
use the loopthrough of one card.
This is the first time I ever worked with C++, so do not expect the patch to be in a 
nice and clean style.
But at least it works, including multiple records at once, EPG scan, transfer mode 
and time-shifting. Actually I have not found a non working feature of VDR yet. I 
tested using two DVB-s cards, the second one connected to the loopthrough of the 

Known limitations:
- patch limited to 2 DVB-s cards
- polarization in channels.conf must not be written in capital letters

Patched files are available at:


BTW: You do not have to turn "EPG scan" off, it is not a must anymore :-)

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