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[vdr] Re: Realproducer DVB capture ?

I've tried this with Realproducer Basic, and it works fine.

Firstly, type:

realproducer --help

and this will produce a list of "input plugins" for your system at the end 
(these vary depending on your hardware).  Make sure that the user you are 
running realproducer as has access rights to the /dev/video device.

You then just do, for example

realproducer -l 2:0,6:0 -o test.rm

where 2:0 is the audio input, and 6:0 is the video.

plus all the other options for quality and bitrates.


On Saturday 16 March 2002 15:57, you wrote:
> i hope it's not off topic 
> i'd like to know if anyone here have some experience with DVB capture with 
> simple application could be live DVB recording to file or to realmedia 
> So far i've tested Realproducer Basic but it does not seem to recognize the 
video capture device..
> thanx
> Marc

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