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[vdr] LNB-sharing patch updated (was: Re: Patch: Multiple DVB-s cards sharing one LNB)


I updated the LNB-sharing patch:
- removed a bug (see below)
- removed old limitations (see below)
- made the code cleaner in some parts
The patch for VDR 1.0.0p5 is available at:

Thanks to Rainer, for finding the bug and giving me the "hi band"/"lo band" 

Rainer Zocholl ( schrieb:
> >Known limitations:
> >- patch limited to 2 DVB-s cards
> Why?

Patch has not been tested with more than two cards. But it should work now.

> >- polarization in channels.conf must not be written in capital letters

Obsolete ;-)

> >BTW: You do not have to turn "EPG scan" off, it is not a must anymore
> >:-)
> Hey, great!! (Over read that...going to that EGP scan feature ASAP)
> It's a real nice useful feature for all "single lnb"-guys ;-)
> (There seems to be a lot around)

Yes. Over 100 downloads of the patch from my server so far.

> But there seems to be one tiny problem left:
> When i "zap" VOX,SAT1,DWtv
> DWtv is dead (and VDR sometimes restarts)

I found the bug, it should not happen with the new updated 1.0.0p5 patch.


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