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[vdr] RealMagic Hollywood+ and VDR


I'm new to VDR and been following this mailing list couple days. I live in
Finland and we have here terrestial digital TV. I'm wondering if I could
use Hauppauge Nova T for receiving the dvb signal with vdr software. And
then I would like to use my mpeg decoder card (RealMagic Hollywood+) to
decode it and to output it to TV.

Is it possible with VDR?
How about OSD? How is it done in VDR? Would it work with Hollywood+?

If this is impossible (because hollywood+ doesn't support overlay properly
or something) can I use kvdr and hollywood+ to view dvb through the X
windowing? Then I could use my ATI All-In-Wonder Pro for TV output..

Which one is easier to put together?

My plan is to build linux based multimedia box, which could be used for
DVD, divx, mp3, ogg, dvb, analog tv, video edit and gaming...

  Marko Myllymaa

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