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[vdr] Re: siemens driver finally stable: vdr not yet

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> Stefaan Coddé
> Sent: 15 April 2002 16:38
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> Subject: [vdr] Re: siemens driver finally stable: vdr not yet
> no, reiserfs
> Naming of file or directories is case sensitive.
> That means that dvb and DVB are different directories.
> The siemens DVB driver had noi problems with this situation.
> It's saved under /dvb/DVB
> I've looked in the install help from cdr and vdr should be installed
> parallel
> with the DVB driver so in my case /dvb/DVB/VDR
> so... knowing this: what do you mean with dividing DVB and dvb?
> Stefaan

I think you should have the DVB driver installed in: 


And VDR installed in: 


You should be able to execute the following command from the VDR
directory to get to the driver directory (/dvb/DVB/driver): 

   cd ../DVB/driver 


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