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[vdr] Re: DVD replay is unsmooth

Hi Stefan,

On Monday 15 April 2002 21:41, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:


> Ok, I wanted to try this today, but as I have updated to nav9a
> before, I cannot find the right place to insert it.

syncing has changed completly in nav9

> Any ways, "The Abyss" plays fine with nav9a.
> But could you please explain the new AC3 setup options:
> AC3 dynamic range compression

i'm no audio specialist, maybe someone else can describe it better, 'dynamic 
range compression' is part of the AC3 spec and a feature of liba52, should be 
on for normal living room audio equipment.

> AC3 new Audio syncing

nav9 introduces a new way to generate and insert pts for decoded AC3 frames, 
the options allows one to switch back to the old way

> low delay AC3 out

enables the use of asynchronous IO (AIO) for AC3 output during playback of VDR 
recordings and DVDs, use of AIO is always on for LiveAC3


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