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[vdr] Re: RealMagic Hollywood+ and VDR

On Monday 15 April 2002 18:00, Marko Myllymaa wrote:
> Hello!
> I'm new to VDR and been following this mailing list couple days. I live in
> Finland and we have here terrestial digital TV. I'm wondering if I could
> use Hauppauge Nova T for receiving the dvb signal with vdr software. And
> then I would like to use my mpeg decoder card (RealMagic Hollywood+) to
> decode it and to output it to TV.
> Is it possible with VDR?
> How about OSD? How is it done in VDR? Would it work with Hollywood+?

doesn't exist (yet), but should be doable ....

.... me is just waiting for vdr new plugin API...


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