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[vdr] Re: DVD replay is unsmooth

On 16 Apr 2002 Andreas Schultz <> wrote:

>> AC3 dynamic range compression
> i'm no audio specialist, maybe someone else can describe it better, 'dynamic 
> range compression' is part of the AC3 spec and a feature of liba52, should be 
> on for normal living room audio equipment.

Well, it doesn't makes a audible difference for me.

>> AC3 new Audio syncing
> nav9 introduces a new way to generate and insert pts for decoded AC3 frames, 
> the options allows one to switch back to the old way

"The Abyss" plays much smother with the new syncing, but there
are ocassional jumps in the video stream. These are reproduceable
(one is right after "Virgill Brickmann is back on air" near to
the end of the movie).
The chapter change gives a jump most of the time, too.

If this is related to the PTS delay, too, may be you should make
the delay configurable by setup menu for individual tune.
>> low delay AC3 out
> enables the use of asynchronous IO (AIO) for AC3 output during playback of VDR 
> recordings and DVDs, use of AIO is always on for LiveAC3

Am I right, that this has no effect for AC3overDVB?

Stefan Huelswitt  |

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