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[vdr] Re: RealMagic Hollywood+ and VDR


> > Is it possible with VDR?
> > How about OSD? How is it done in VDR? Would it work with Hollywood+?

I have done some checking to see how it could be implemented. The main
issue seems to be OSD support.
Subpicture is very limited (4 colors, limited size with current em8300

Otherwise MPlayer is doing well with dxr3 card.

There is a project initiated by David Holm (the person who wrote dxr3
plugin for MPlayer and works on em8300 driver) called 'limes'
( whose goal is to build menus using MPEG2 still images
to develop a media player as a frontend to MPlayer, Xine or Oggle.

Sadly, actually, this project is not yet started ; there are just a few
mails in its ML.
I think it can be a good idea to support this project to build a simple
a cheap HTPC client to VDR servers by including remote control menus.

Patrick Gueneau

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