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[vdr] Re: DVD replay is unsmooth

On Wednesday 17 April 2002 21:32, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
> On 16 Apr 2002 Andreas Schultz <> wrote:
> >> AC3 dynamic range compression
> >
> > i'm no audio specialist, maybe someone else can describe it better,
> > 'dynamic range compression' is part of the AC3 spec and a feature of
> > liba52, should be on for normal living room audio equipment.
> Well, it doesn't makes a audible difference for me.

it's part of liba52, blame them ;-)

> >> AC3 new Audio syncing
> >
> > nav9 introduces a new way to generate and insert pts for decoded AC3
> > frames, the options allows one to switch back to the old way
> "The Abyss" plays much smother with the new syncing, but there
> are ocassional jumps in the video stream. These are reproduceable
> (one is right after "Virgill Brickmann is back on air" near to
> the end of the movie).
> The chapter change gives a jump most of the time, too.

this is probably related to jumps in the pts across chapters, at the moment 
i'm experimenting with disabling pts generation for a moment when those jumps 
happen, might be in the next patch

> If this is related to the PTS delay, too, may be you should make
> the delay configurable by setup menu for individual tune.

i do not introduce delays in the pts, audio frames are somewhat delayed 
compared to video (audio frames belonging to a video frame come later), but i 
do not reorder audio/video frames

> >> low delay AC3 out
> >
> > enables the use of asynchronous IO (AIO) for AC3 output during playback
> > of VDR recordings and DVDs, use of AIO is always on for LiveAC3
> Am I right, that this has no effect for AC3overDVB?

yep, AIO is only used for the pipe to external ac3 decoders


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