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[vdr] Re: dvbtune / xml2vdr trouble


I experienced exactly the same problems.  
The xml you're generating doesn't actually contain all the necessary
data to produce a channels.conf so xml2vdr just silently outputs

Do you also see dvbtune randomly churning station data for different
muxs even thought you've tuned to a specific frequency?  You are not

Your simplest solution would be to ask some kind soul using the Crystal
Palace transmitter to post their channels.conf, I know there are a few
out there.  There is a CP channels.conf distributed with vdr but I don't
know if it is up to date since I'm using Stockland Hill, Devon.

Alternatively you could do what I did and compile the siemens DVB driver
v0.9.4 and dvbtune v0.3 and generate a channels.conf using that combo
then run vdr using your later DVB driver.

Remember when tuning to the different frequencies you will have to set
the dvbtune -qam and -cr options accordingly.  There are 2 possible

-qam 16 -cr 3_4 or -qam 64 -cr 2_3   

the last combo are the default values for dvbtune.

Off the top of my head I can tell you that mux 1 (BBC) uses -qam 16 -cr
3_4 .  I'm sure someone else can give you the info for the other muxs.
Basically, I took a suck it and see (no pun intended) approach.  Try
both, you'll either get the data or you won't.

As an example here's my dvbtune cmd line for mux 1 @ Stockland Hill

Mux1 - BBC
Channel	22
Offset	-167kHz

channel_freq (MHz) = (channel * 8) + 306
channel_freq (MHz) = (22 * 8) + 306 = 482 MHz

tuning_freq (MHz) = channel_freq + offset_freq = 482 + -0.167 = 481.833

=> dvbtune -c 0 -i -f 4818333 -qam 16 -cr 3_4 > mux1.xml

Once you get this far you should be able to generate a channels.conf.  I
had to change the 3rd field in each entry because they were all set to V
regardless of the -qam, -cr options I used, unfortunately I don't have
the values to hand right now.  Still you should be able to get some of
your stations to tune in vdr without setting these, I did.

If you get this far don't be surprised if you are having problems with
stations (e.g. Channel 5) on Mux A.  This has been discussed recently
and there is a patch that seems to be working for some but not others.
Find it here



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