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[vdr] Re: Hacking a MP3-to-stdout plugin, was Re: Re: mp3oss andbitstreamout ? wrote:

> So what we need is an MP3ALSA plugin, eh? Or how about a generic
> MP3-to-stdout plugin? Could be combined with any generic player on the
> command line, in this case aplay. Hmmm - I need to look into the
> sources to get it hacked. MP3OSS should be a good place to start
> because it does produce a normal PCM stream at one point. 

IMHO, the right thing(tm) to do, is to give the mp3 plugin the ability
to use any output device. maybe even esd, arts jack support comes to
mind. wait ... we need an output plugin interface for the mp3 plugin!
[just kidding] ;-)

best regards ...

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