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[vdr] Re: VDR and uClibc


Did you get an answer to this? vdr won't run under valgrind because of the 
pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock and pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock not being 
present in their library.  WHat do these do anyway? I don't have a manpage 
for them.


In the new year, Thomas Wehrspann wrote:
> Hello List,
> i am using VDR with uClibc (a small glibc replacement) to get a small system. 
> I have a diskless system with VDR stored on a DiskOnChip Millenium 8MB. So 
> size really matters.
> My production system is getting rather old now (version 1.1.25 or so) so i' m 
> facing the little incompatibilities between VDR and uClibc again.
> The first issue is that uClibc has no lround,... function used by VDR in 
> dvbspu.c. Are these functions necessary? VDR seems to work properly without 
> them.
> timegm or gmtime (i don't remember) is no problem anymore.
> Now I can compile VDR 1.2.6 without errors under uClibc :-) .
> But 1.2.6 is getting older an older  too.
> And with version 1.3.0 a new class  cRwLock was introduced.
> The problem here is that 'pthread_rwlock_timedwrlock' and 
> 'pthread_rwlock_timedrdlock' are not (yet?) in uClibc and i don't know of a 
> replacement or what it really does.
> Is there a way around it, or do i have to wait for the uClibc developers?
> With kind regards,
> Thomas

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