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[vdr] Re: [despammed] vdr integration into Freevo

Sure, I'll help you as much as possible, You have got most answers from the list already ( but if you need
help integrating and testing let me now, I'm very interested in this kind of solution, I've have made
my own small system with eboxy and vdr with vdr-xine, but I think freevo could be a even better solution.

Dirk Meyer wrote:


I'm one of the developers of Freevo ( and own a DVB-T
card for three weeks now. On a quick look, it looks like Freevo and
vdr have the same purpose, but IMHO this is not the case.
Freevo can't do anything. It's only a UI for other tools. The old Unix
saying: the right tool for the right job. We start mplayer for video
files, but xine for dvds because of dvd menus. Freevo selects the
player and how to start it. And I guess the right tool for watching
and recording DVB is vdr. And if you don't have a full featured card,
it makes no sense to play avi files with vdr and send the output to
xine with vdr-xine.

I wrote a small plugin for Freevo which replaces the normal tv menu in
Freevo with vdr. One major problem is the interface: we don't have
buttons like red and green, but we have buttons like DISPLAY. The
navigation is completly different between Freevo and vdr and that is
very confusing.
I don't know the vdr API and I'm busy with Freevo hacking, so I'm
looking for some help to integrate vdr into Freevo.

I need:

1. I way to display vdr on budget cards. vdr-xine looks good.

2. I way to control channel switching and recording. Since the
interface is different, I want to avoid using the vdr menu. Freevo
has a record server and a program display, so I want to send the
needed informations directly into vdr without the UI.

So I need a program which can be controled via stdin/stdout to send
commands to vdr and receive information what vdr is doing right
On the other hand, for full featured cards I need a dvb-sdl frontend
to display Freevo on the card.

Anyone interessed in helping me here?


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