PATCH: Nebula DVB-T with MT352 Frontend (was Re: [linux-dvb] Nebula DVB-T frontend)

Johannes Stezenbach js at
Wed Aug 3 01:37:28 CEST 2005

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 David Johnson wrote:
> On Thursday 28 July 2005 20:48, Ilkka Pirskanen wrote:
> > I don't have expertise to integrate the code, but it would be great if
> > somebody could do it so that Nebula Electronics PCI DVB-T card users with
> > mt352 front-end could get their card working under Linux (or if the code is
> > already integrated tell us where it can be found).
> I had a go at manually integrating it and it seems I was successful :-)
> The driver detects the correct frontend and everything works as it should.
> I attach a new version of the patch which applies to kernel 2.6.13-rc4 and the 
> current dvb-kernel CVS.
> I have only tested it with a new Nebula card, so someone needs to test it with 
> a nxt6000 Nebula card. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the patch 
> which should break non-Nebula card support.

Could you please add your Signed-off-by: line?
(see linux/Documentation/SubmittingPatches)

There are a few nits, it would be nice if you could clean them up:
- the patch adds whitespace and end-of-line in a few places
- indentation is one tab, not 8 spaces

> +        if (params->frequency < 470000000) pllbuf[4] = 0x02;
> +        else if (params->frequency > 823000000) pllbuf[4] = 0x88;
> +        else pllbuf[4] = 0x08;
> +
> +        if(op->bandwidth == 8)

Please always start a new line after if/else.

> +         if (ret != 0) {
> +         	printk(KERN_WARNING "digitv_alps_tded4: Init Error - Can't Reset DVR (%i)\n", ret);
> +         }

Please don't add unnecessary braces. (I realize there are plenty of
those already but we don't want to add more. If you feel like doing more
of those cleanups please do it in a seperate patch.)

> +		/* FIXME: Should probably choose the frontend intelligently rather than trying each in turn. */

I don't think there's another way, so the FIXME should be removed.


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