[linux-dvb] RE: mpeg-ts compliant from VDR/streamdev

C.Y.M syphir at syphir.sytes.net
Sat Aug 6 08:25:40 CEST 2005

BRUNETON Béranger wrote:
>>>From: "C.Y.M" <syphi. @ .yphir.sytes.net>
>>>To: Linux-Dvb <linux-dvb at linuxtv.org>
>>>Subject: Re: [linux-dvb] mpeg-ts compliant from VDR/streamdev
>>I'am using streamdev plugin from VDR to watch live TV with VLC.
>>Unfortunatly the stream generated by streamdev is not mpeg-ts compliant=
>  so
>>there is no audio and video. I've tried PES or PS streamdev output but =
> I
>>only get video.
>>>This works here with streamdev-0.3.3-pre3-geni:
>>>vlc -v --color$1 --sout '#standard{access=http,mux=ts,url=:1234}'
> I've tried with 0.3.3-pre3-geni and it works but not at 100%
> Some channels are not displayed(black screen and no audio) and other there are some small video
> freeze.
> Syphir, 
> Have you the same probleme or it works very well for you?
> In this case what's your VDR/linux-dvb driver version?

I have noticed that some channels are black as well, but only if I use VLC as
the client.  If I use VLC as only the server (connected to streamdev) and then
use mplayer as the client, it seems to work with all the channels.

Streamdev (0.3.3-pre3-geni) --> VLC from CVS (server) --> Mplayer from CVS (client)

I am using vdr-1.3.27 with current cvs drivers and 2.6.13-rc5 kernel.


This version of streamdev above with the following patch:

--- streamdev/server/connectionVTP.c.orig       2005-05-29 12:20:40.000000000 -0700
+++ streamdev/server/connectionVTP.c    2005-05-29 12:25:30.000000000 -0700
@@ -369,8 +369,8 @@
      if (isnumber(Option)) {
         cRecording *recording = Recordings.Get(strtol(Option, NULL, 10) - 1);
         if (recording) {
-           if (recording->Summary()) {
-              char *summary = strdup(recording->Summary());
+           if (recording->Info()->Description()) {
+              char *summary = strdup(recording->Info()->Description());
               Reply(250, "%s", strreplace(summary,'\n','|'));

Note: some of the new asm code in mplayer and vlc compile differently depending
on what version of gcc you are using.  Currently I am building everything with
gcc-3.4 (gcc-3.3 and gcc-4.0 not recommended).

Best Regards,

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