[linux-dvb] AVerTV-771 not working anymore

Jim Jowski jowski at sbcglobal.net
Tue Aug 9 23:46:40 CEST 2005

Ronny Peine wrote:

> Hi,
> Johannes Stezenbach wrote:
>> Just week or so ago someone reported that the 771 works with "Gentoo's
>> latest 2.6.12 with the 2.6.12 patches from the linuxtv.org download 
>> site":
>> http://linuxtv.org/pipermail/linux-dvb/2005-July/003777.html
>> The patches haven't changed since then, so maybe it's something
>> in Gentoo's kernel? Maybe you might want to try plain 2.6.13-rc6,
>> or diff dvb-bt8xx.c, bttv-i2c.c and bttv-cards.c with versions
>> from the last kernel which worked for you. If the card just
>> stopped working without you changing the driver/kernel then
>> it's probably just dying. Or maybe a heat problem? Or flaky
>> power supply?
> Well i think the power supply and dvb-t card are working correctly and 
> i don't see any problems. I have changed my motherboard from asus 
> a7v880 to abit nf7-s2g and than the problems began. The card is 
> working sporadically and that is worst which can happen because it is 
> not deterministic for me from where the errors occures. My card is now 
> working at the moment but if i switch off the pc maybe the next reboot 
> will give me an error. Even bios changes haven't succeeded in anything.
> So i don't know what is causing the problem in detail. My temperatures 
> are quite low here so i wouldn't say it's a heat problem, the power 
> supply is a bequiet 350W, it is a very good one and 350W for my 
> athlon-xp is more than enough. I am thinking that it's a problem of 
> the board/bios but i don't understand why the card works sporadically, 
> even though everything else works as expected. If anyone has an idea 
> or a similar problem it would be nice to hear. Maybe i should consider 
> to change the board, but i don't have the money for this now.

As dumb as it might sound, try reseating the card.  I've seen too many 
problems with intermittent hardware in the past 30 years that have been 
fixed by a reseat.

Here's hoping,

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