[linux-dvb] AVerTV-771 not working anymore

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Tue Aug 9 23:56:00 CEST 2005

Ronny Peine wrote:
> Well i think the power supply and dvb-t card are working correctly and i 
> don't see any problems. I have changed my motherboard from asus a7v880 
> to abit nf7-s2g and than the problems began. The card is working 
> sporadically and that is worst which can happen because it is not 
> deterministic for me from where the errors occures. My card is now 
> working at the moment but if i switch off the pc maybe the next reboot 
> will give me an error. Even bios changes haven't succeeded in anything.
> So i don't know what is causing the problem in detail. My temperatures 
> are quite low here so i wouldn't say it's a heat problem, the power 
> supply is a bequiet 350W, it is a very good one and 350W for my 
> athlon-xp is more than enough. I am thinking that it's a problem of the 
> board/bios but i don't understand why the card works sporadically, even 
> though everything else works as expected. If anyone has an idea or a 
> similar problem it would be nice to hear. Maybe i should consider to 
> change the board, but i don't have the money for this now.

If you get intermittent i2c bus problems I would guess it is
an electrical problem. Or does it work on one boot (then reliably)
and not at all on some other boot?

The bttv-i2c module has a debug parameter and a i2c_hw switch
to drive the bus by hardware or software (bit banging). You could
try to play with this. You could also try to play with the
timings in bttv_i2c_algo_bit_template.


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