[linux-dvb] Linux don't recognize my DiBcom usb box

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Thu Aug 18 14:37:55 CEST 2005

Hi Daniel,

On Thu, 18 Aug 2005, Daniel Martí­nez Ruiz wrote:

> Hi all,
> First, sorry by my poor English.
> I have a usb box with a *DiBcom EVA3000MC1-D2* with *usb 2.0* over a 
> *SUSE 9.3*, that is a* linux kernel*. I have completed the 
> steps to make and configure the driver. Those steps were:
>   * Download dvb-kernel from linuxtv. The CVS doesn't work with this
>     kernel version, so I download the 1.1.0 version.
>   * Compile the dvb-kernel, without errors.
>   * Copy the firmware. I don't sure what is the appropiate firmware
>     for this box, but all *dvb-usb* firmware was copied.
>   * Execute the insmod load, with only one verbose error about a
>     driver I think is not needed for my box. This is the result:

You are saying, that you use the 1.1.0 (which would not work for anyway, 
the dibusb-drivers aren't in there), but then this error message:

>   Inserting DVB modules into kernel
>   FATAL: Module crc32 not found.
>   insmod: error inserting './dvb-usb-digitv.ko': -1 Unknown symbol in
>   module

This error can only happen, when you are using very recent dvb-kernel from 

Can you please check, not just for us, what exactly you are doing ;)?

> Looking for /var/log/messages using dmesg, all the drivers show the same 
> error (or warning, I don't know), specially the drivers I think I need:

The DiBcom EVA3000MC1-D2 is a reference design made by DiBcom with the 
DiB3000MC demodulator. So far no one ever reported that the dibusb-driver 
in Linux is working with it.

I assume it has different USB IDs, so they have to be added.

Can you please plug in the device and run lsusb and send the output?

The firmware you will need is called dvb-usb-dibusb- . I'm also 
not sure if this firmware will work with the 3000MC, but it is worth a 

> At this point, I think the drivers doesn't work, but I'm not sure. Has anyone 
> the same error? Does anyone know how to solve the problem?

Your problems are normal for a "new" device...


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