[linux-dvb] libsoftmpeg

Johannes Stezenbach js at linuxtv.org
Fri Aug 19 11:07:12 CEST 2005

hunold at linuxtv.org wrote:
> I stopped to work on the project when I left my former employer. It's in 
> the "It works most of the time, but has it's known problems" state. 
> Currently it's unmaintained. 
> Especially the deumxer is not very fault tolerant and has some design bugs 
> wrt. to memory management, ie. it might segfault if too many broken PES 
> packets come in. 
> I needed to write everything from scratch, because the project had to be 
> LGPL software, so I could not take any demuxer from another project. 
> The sync code uses the audio PTS to achieve a/v sync. This works very good 
> for live streams, but does not work for recordings that well and is 
> unusable for trickmodes in recordings. 
> The code was written in a hurry, so it's largely undocumented and has 
> design flaws. I am not proud of it. 
> I don't plan to work on it anymore, or start a new project on that topic, 
> because I'm more focussed on h/w decoding solutions now. 

Do you mind if I add this statement to the libsoftmpeg README?


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