[linux-dvb] Q: dvb api 3 - FE_ATSC

Rainer.scherg Rainer.Scherg at t-online.de
Mon Aug 22 21:01:05 CEST 2005


I need some help to understand the ATSC extension of the dvb api.
looking into the source I have some questions for understanding
(doc doesn't seems to be up to date):

1.) It seems dvb api 3 has been upgraded for ATSC support: FE_ATSC
  Could we have an ioctl/function call to retrieve current api version
  or subversion during runtime (checking device pathes is not
  sufficient). And checking for FE_ATSC: this might only to be set, if
  there is a proper card/hardware plugged in...

2.) As I understand it, FE_ATSC can support VSB_x and QAM_x modulation.
  Do I have to crosscheck against  FE_CAN_QAM_xxx to distinguish between
  QAM and VSB? Or is FE_ATSC always VSB_xx modulation?

3.) ATSC frequency is basically given in Hz?
  Does this also apply for satellites? (compared to QSPK (DVB-S) )
  (--> Integer range!)

4.) A question about dvb-api 4.
  Are there plans to implement a compatibility mode to dvb api 3,
  so software can be migrated smoothly over time?

Tnx for help


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