Suggestion: PTS/PCR/SCR ... relative to UTC parser (was: Re: [linux-dvb] relating PTS to 'real' time)

Rene Bartsch ML at
Wed Aug 24 14:59:09 CEST 2005

> From: "Dr. Werner Fink" <werner at>
>> On Tue, Aug 23, 2005 at 04:54:49PM +0200, Rene Bartsch wrote:
>> > Which measurement is used for PTS/PTR? Nanoseconds?
>> Normally ticks within a 90kHz clock are used for that.
>>From ITU-T H.222.0:
> | Time stamps are generally in units of 90 kHz, but the System Clock
> | Reference (SCR), the Program Clock Reference (PCR) and the optional
> | Elementary Stream Clock Reference (ESCR) have extensions with a
> | resolution of 27 MHz.

Some simple idea:

The data type for PTS/PCR/SCR/... complies to 24 about hours.

So, why not just adding a parser to linux-dvb driver which compares the time signal
by the DVB transponder and the PTS/PCR/SCR/... and rewrites time stamping relative
to 00:00:00 am UTC?

That way an application could store/handle 24 hour chunks and just store the
current date of that chunk in a table.


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