[linux-dvb] AverTVHD A180

CityK CityK at rogers.com
Sat Aug 27 15:49:08 CEST 2005

Gunther Mayer wrote:

> Hi,
> can you send me a picture of your card and further info for inclusion to
> http://www.bttv-gallery.de ?
> Your contribution will help to improve open source support!
> Because there are many cards and variations by different
> vendors, the developers need _your_ help to get it all supported.
> 1st priority:
> - picture of the card, the card backside (high resolution pics if 
> feasible)
> - lspci -vn
> further information:
> - picture of remote control (if applicable) and of original package
> - list of chips
> - list of input connectors
> - printings on PCB, printings on stickers on the card
> - lspci -v  and   lspci -vn
> - "dmesg" when loading the modules
> - if feasible "eeprom" output (from bttv tools)
> - if feasible "*.INF" files from the Windows Driver CD
> - exact tuner type (possibly this is hidden under the vendor sticker)
> - exact model name and model number from package
> - in which country do you live/ in which country this card was bought
> Even parts of this info will be very helpful!
> Regards, Gunther
> CityK wrote:
>> Is anyone using the A180?  I'm just wondering about its status, as I 
>> haven't seen any further info on it since just after Jean-Francois 
>> Thibert posted his patches for the card.
Hi Gunther, sorry, I am unable to supply you a picture as I don't 
actually own the card, but rather was inquiring about its support status 
and user experiences.  But I'll forward your request to the list in 
hopes someone else can provide assistance.  For what its worth:

It is my understanding that primary components on board are:
- Alps TDHU NIM (consisting of a ??? model tuner and an ATI/Nxtwave 
Nxt2004 demodulator)
- Philips SAA713x decoder/PCI interface

According to Newegg.com, the model identifier is "*AVerMedia MTVHDA18 
PCI Interface AVerMedia AVerTVHD MCE A180".  The newegg descriptor page 
may also contain some other info you may be after (and pictures to view 
too, but obviously those are proprietary).  You can find that here: 
http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16815100134  .  The 
card is also available from Amazon.com and a few others.*

Currently it (bare card) is just offered OEM (intended for integration 
into a Windows MCE system).  Jean-Francois (from Sage?) posted Linux 
patches/drivers for the card back in July.  Very recently, Aver provided 
windows software that allowed for using the card outside of MCE.  There 
is apparently a user manual in this new software that indicates a 
remote, so perhaps Aver is intending upon a retail offering of the card 
too --- although I am entirely unclear of whether the details were 
applicable solely to the A180 or not.
-- Cheers, CK


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