[linux-dvb] [ANNOUNCE] dvb-bt8xx & dst support added to v4l / dvb tree-merging scripts

Michael Krufky mkrufky at m1k.net
Sun Aug 28 22:29:21 CEST 2005

I announced my V4L / DVB tree merging scripts about a month ago:


Now, I have added all of the bt8xx stuff (and the required frontends) 
into the merge.  These scripts symlink dvb-kernel files into the 
video4linux tree structure for bttv, cx88 and saa713x boards, for the 
purposes of testing using the latest cvs revisions of both dev trees.

Developers can work from within either the dvb-kernel tree structure, or 
use the symlinks in the video4linux tree structure, however, compile and 
install must be done using video4linux makefile.

The scripts assume that you are running them from withing the 
video4linux directory, and that the recent dvb-kernel tree is at the 
same level as the video4linux tree.
For example:

cd ~
cvs checkout dvb-kernel
cvs checkout video4linux
cd video4linux

< ... insert testing / development here ... >

cd ..
cvs commit video4linux/ < ... >
    - or -
generate patches against video4linux cvs

cvs commit dvb-kernel/ < ... >
    - or -
generate patches against dvb-kernel cvs

Manu, and other dvb-bt8xx & DST developers & testers-

Please tell me how this works for you.

Michael Krufky

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