[linux-dvb] Fujiplus FD-3250 (Twinhan VP-3250?) Support

Manu Abraham abraham.manu at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 20:58:59 CET 2005

Bryan Scott wrote:

>Thanks for the response.  If there's anything I can do with it to help
>in testing or whatever, let me know.

The vendor sent me one of these cards, as well as one more card for 
someone else also to test. So it is just a matter of a little bit of 
time to get it going in the right direction.

>I'm borrowing this from the local custom-built computer guy who
>couldn't get it to work with Media PC, and has no desire to use it
>with XP/2000.  He lent it to me to see if it would work with MythTV. 
>If so, I can buy it from him at cost.  Otherwise, he wants to ship it
>So that leads me to the next two questions:
>If you think you'll have something for me to test in the next few
>days, I'll hold onto it.  If it's going to take longer, I'll give it
>back to him and not worry about it (and just get something else).

It might take a week or two probably .. Rushing into things does not 
work out quite good.

>Which leads me to ask, from what you've seen working with this card
>are there any pros/cons of going with this card as opposed to the
>other ATSC/NTSC devices that are supported, such as the pcHDTV 3000
Nope, moreor less the same it is.


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