[linux-dvb] [PATCH] DiSEqC support for cx24123 based cards

Vadim Catana vcatana at registru.md
Mon Dec 5 13:24:37 CET 2005

Signed-off-by: Vadim Catana <skystar at moldova.cc>


The first patch adds DiSEqC support for cards based on cx24123

The second patch changes the frequency ranges used to select
the local oscilator of the cx24109 tuner. With the current
settings I can not tune to some channels. This patch was tested
only with KWorld DVB-S 100 card and needs to be tested with
Hauppauge cards before applying to CVS.

There is also another problem. The card does not tune to
channels with low symbol rates, althow it works well in Windows XP
in the same computer. I tryed different settings of the cx24123,
but no success. I noticed that the cx24123 datasheet provided by
Steve Toth does not contain some needed data. For example, the
description for

Register 0F, ACQCREn[7:0]:

     Acquisition Code Rate Search Select. (Default: AE)
     This value sets the additional Viterbi code rates
     that will be searched. Each bit represents a code rate
     as shown in the following table.

Where is the table ?

Register 0B-0C, ACQPRFreqNom[12:0]:
    Nominal Phase Rotator Frequency. (Default: 000)
    This value is the starting point of the acquisition search.
    The frequency is:

What is the frecuency ?

Steve, could you complete the datasheet please ? Do the Hauppauge
cards also have problems with channels with low symbol rates ?

Vadim Catana
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