[linux-dvb] GUI version of tzap

Andy Burns linux-dvb at adslpipe.co.uk
Wed Dec 7 15:42:04 CET 2005

sorry 1st attempt replied to Petr, not the list ...

Petr Nejedly wrote:

> Just a little note: BER is a Bit Error Ratio and should be the number of 
> corrected bad bits.
> Some drivers report vitterbi error rate (number of soft error recognized 
> in the vitterbi decoder),
> while some report reed-solomon error rate, that is the number of wrong 
> bits on the input
> of the reed-solomon decoder (while there were no uncorrected blocks).

I did have to "massage" the BER, just taking BER/2^32 always gave a
vanishingly small number which didn't register on the scale, I was
wondering if displaying it log-scale would be a good approach?

On a similar subject the DVB API says that UCB will be an ever
increasing 32bit count of bad blocks that eventually wraps back past
zero, however in practice on my DVB-200T it seems to be a count of 
errors between status reads, a quick look at the source of the TDA1004x 
driver seems to confirm that the count is reset after being read, is the 
spec wrong or the implementation?

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