[linux-dvb] How to get the 0x13 PES data ?

Mirko Roller mirko at mirkoroller.de
Sat Dec 10 18:02:22 CET 2005


for my diploma iam writing an EPG under Linux.

I can set the correct pid of 0x12, to get the EIT and ST CIT data stream, 
but if i set the pid to 0x13 (RST,ST) stream, no data is received.
ETSI EN 300 468, says that the data is not sended all the time, but i receive 
nothing (in 2 houers).

The only thing i can think of, is that my settings are wrong.

code: ( works for pid=0x12, but not 0x13 )
   struct dmx_pes_filter_params pesfilter;
   pesfilter.pid     = 0x13;
   pesfilter.input   = DMX_IN_FRONTEND;
   pesfilter.output  = DMX_OUT_TAP;
   pesfilter.pes_type= DMX_PES_OTHER;
   pesfilter.flags = DMX_IMMEDIATE_START;

also, read blocks the program, waiting for some data, is there a better 
solution, instead of read, for stream_id 0x13 ?

thanx for help...

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