[linux-dvb] AVERMEDIA 771 SETUP

hugo hugo at aardvarks-and-platypus.com
Tue Dec 13 00:36:20 CET 2005

Hi Brice

Thanks for the speedy reply.

> Try with an other transponder or,
> Use windows to get the tuning parameter and edit dvb-t/uk-BlackHill by
> hand.
> An other option : put everything auto excepted the bandwidth ( in
> dvb-t/uk-BlackHill )
> And try to scan again ...

I'll see if I can coax some frequency info out of the windows drivers.
Would using another transponder work? I though it was tied to  your
available transmitter(s) and I'm pretty sure Blackhill is the only one I
get - certainly it's the only one that the settop box picks up.

>> 2) DVB support in Linux does not really work in the UK - as the software
>> is no doubt developed in the US/Europe then it is keyed to their
>> particular broadcast systems and there is no hard support for the UK.
> what the difference in the UK ?
> DVB-T is very recent in France and it worked without any issue (excepted
> with the hauppauge and linux 2.6.10-2.6.11)

Now that is the 10 million euro question - I do not know. I'm not a
televisual engineer so know nothing about the differences in broadcast
systems but I'm pretty sure most countries have their various standards. I
may be off the mark but I think even slight differences in the standards
means a receiver from Country A won't work in Country B. Without sounding
rude (sorry but this does) but doesn't France have a
particularly....erm....unique television broadcast system - as in no-one
apart from France uses anything even vaguely like it?

Anyway, the main thing is it works for someone in Linux - although my
rather UK Centric question still stands....as you suggest, Brice, I'll
give a go mucking about with the frequency tables if I can get something
out of Windows.

Many thanks for the response


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