[linux-dvb] Problems with Pinnacle PCTV Sat

Edgar Toernig froese at gmx.de
Tue Dec 13 10:22:30 CET 2005

Ferdinand Grassmann wrote:
> > [2] The change concerning the relay handling is the removal of the two
> > lines .gpiomask=0x01 and .audiomux={0,0,0,0,1} in the bttv_tvcards
> > array.
> As I am not interested in the video in part of the card, I could simply 
> add those two lines of code to the bttv.c again and everything will work 
> fine?

Well, I need the other parts of the patch to get a 'fine working driver'.
But yes, adding those two lines should give you back the broken relay

Ciao, ET.

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