[linux-dvb] Re: AVERMEDIA 771 SETUP

Nicolas Bonnefon nicolas at bonnefon.org
Tue Dec 13 15:45:57 CET 2005

hugo <hugo <at> aardvarks-and-platypus.com> writes:
> Now that is the 10 million euro question - I do not know. I'm not a
> televisual engineer so know nothing about the differences in broadcast
> systems but I'm pretty sure most countries have their various standards. I
> may be off the mark but I think even slight differences in the standards
> means a receiver from Country A won't work in Country B. Without sounding
> rude (sorry but this does) but doesn't France have a
> particularly....erm....unique television broadcast system - as in no-one
> apart from France uses anything even vaguely like it?

Just for information, yes France uses SECAM but SECAM was (well... IS) an analog
standard, for DTT DVB-T is used everywhere in Europe (though different standards
are used in the US and in Japan). So there is basically no difference between
France and the UK except that France has a Single Frequency Network (SFN) (i.e.
one transponder is always on the same frequency whereas in the UK, you have a
set of different frequencies for each transmitter) but it makes no difference to
Linux :-)
> Anyway, the main thing is it works for someone in Linux - although my
> rather UK Centric question still stands....as you suggest, Brice, I'll
> give a go mucking about with the frequency tables if I can get something
> out of Windows.

Please let us know, I am interested in buying this card too! BTW, where did you
get it (in the UK) ?


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