[linux-dvb] Hauppauge Nove-S-Plus Analog Support?

Christian Haul c.haul at web.de
Tue Dec 13 22:56:36 CET 2005

Giuliano A. Montecarlo wrote:
> Christian Haul wrote:
>> Since I didn't have the option to buy the S2, now that I have the
>> analogue input on my card -- is it (yet) supported? If so, how to set it
>> up / use it? There doesn't appear to be an additional video device for
>> it.... OTOH I have nothing connected to it ATM
> You should have /dev/videoX, that's where the analog magic happens :)
> For me, they're working without doing anything else than setting up dvb-s.

Hi Giuliano,

thank you very much. Indeed, there is a video device. However, I thought
it is connected with the DVB input. After connecting the composite in
with the tv out of my digicam the image showed up in xawtv. Excellent!

I am really surprised how well this piece of hardware is supported :-)


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