[linux-dvb] Succed tuning Ku-Band freq, but failed tuning C-Band

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Mon Dec 19 13:28:46 CET 2005

Marcus Metzler wrote:

>>>>>>"Johan" == Johan firdianto <johanfirdi at jmn.net.id> writes:
>    Johan> Dear guys, some days ago, I posted about failed tuning
>    Johan> using Skystar2 PCI rev. 2.6D.  I tuned the dvb pci using
>    Johan> C-Band freq, I get never lock.  But when I tuned the dvb
>    Johan> pci using Ku-Band freq, it works successfully.  I'm using
>    Johan> dvbtune (version 0.5) and linux-dvb-apps from linuxtv.org,
>    Johan> both of programs works fine in tuning Ku-Band, but not
>    Johan> C-BAND.  So, I guess there's broken code in dvbtune or scan
>    Johan> utilities.  Any guys here have tried to tune C-BAnd Freq or
>    Johan> having same experience with me ?
>Since you need a C-Band LNB, which is not commonly used in
>Europe for DVB-S, I doubt that many people have tried it.
>I guess dvbtune does not use the correct offsets for the LNB.
>The driver gets the transponder frequency minus the offset frequency
>of the LNB as parameter,  so you have to see if you can set the offset
>frequency in dvbtune by program parameters, or you have to go into the
>code and change the offset. You may also try to switch inversion on.

what are  the LOFS for C-band?



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