[linux-dvb] TODO List (Wrong NID)

bluedrops bluedrops1 at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 12:19:44 CET 2005

Hi to all,

Is it possible to put this in the TODO list ?

I use dvbscan to generate channels.conf file for vdr and the problem
is I'm getting wrong NID's in this file. This is a BIG issue because when I
do a transponder scan in VDR, it finds the same channels twice because
of different (but right) NID's BUT sets VPID and APID to 0. So there
are a lot of unusable duplicate channels.

Here is what Johannes Stezenbach  said :
2005/10/24, Johannes Stezenbach <js at linuxtv.org>:
> Quite likely the SI data on Hotbird is inconsistent, e.g. the NITs
> sent on different transponders contain differernt NIDs for the
> same multiplex. However, I don't have time to look into this, and
> I don't even have SAT receiption...
> dvbscan should take the NID only from the NIT entry for the
> transponder it is currently tuned to (check parse_nit()).

I can do some testing at home but modifying scan.c is too much for me
as I'm not a programmer. I'm using dvbscan with more than 23 orbital
positions and I not only
have the problem with Hotbird so I'd really like it to be fixed.

Here is an example :
Hotbird 6 (13.0E) - 11662.00 V
Multivision channels are NID 318 instead of 176
(see www.lyngsat.com or www.kingofsat.net)

I've made dumps for pids 0 and 16 with "dvbsnoop -pd 7 PID".
Each one is about 30 sec.

0.dump.bz2 (4k) : http://www6.rapidupload.com/d.php?file=dl&filepath=1500
16.dump.bz2 (202k) : http://www2.rapidupload.com/d.php?file=dl&filepath=882

Transponder PID-Scan...
PID found:    0 (0x0000)  [SECTION: Program Association Table (PAT)]
PID found:   16 (0x0010)  [SECTION: Network Information Table (NIT) -
actual network]
PID found:   17 (0x0011)  [SECTION: Service Description Table (SDT) -
other transport stream]
PID found:   18 (0x0012)  [SECTION: Event Information Table (EIT) -
other transport stream, present/following]

I've noticed in 16.dump for PID 16 :
Network_ID: 176 (0x00b0)  [= >>ERROR: not (yet) defined... Report!<<]

Also, Network_ID reported by dvbsnoop for the example I've given seems
to be right (176) in 16.dump.

Thanks for helping,


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