[linux-dvb] Re: KNC1 dvb-c card and CI/CAM

Peter Martens petermartens.list at gmail.com
Thu Dec 29 16:24:56 CET 2005

2005/12/28, Peter Martens <petermartens.list at gmail.com>:
> pcmcia module is present. Doesn 't help to load it.
> I wonder why this is so difficult? There must be someone who knows the
> answer. Or I would be glad (sort of!?) if someone would confirm is
> does not and will not work, because the driver doesn 't support it...
> Anyone?
One last question. Would it help to compile the latest cvs? I saw a
patch was applied to "fix locking problems" (Andrew De Quincey) a few
weeks ago. Has it something to do with this problem?


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