[linux-dvb] Resetting CAM

RW linuxdvb at tauceti.net
Fri Dec 30 22:32:45 CET 2005


I have WinTV Nexus-s Rev 2.1 and Technotrend Rev. 1.6 installed. The 
card has a Alphacrypt modul connected. Everything run's under Debian 3.1 
with kernel
2.6.12. I'am using firmware "dvb-ttpci-01.fw-261f" (2004-07-06).

This run's fine so far for about a week or so. But after a few days I 
see messages of the
dvb-ttpci driver in the syslog like

Dec 26 11:03:01 scotty kernel: dvb-ttpci: StartHWFilter error  buf 0b07 
0010 0081 b96a  ret ffffffff  handle e0e6
Dec 26 11:03:01 scotty kernel: StopHWFilter tried to stop invalid filter 
ffff, filter type = 1

When such a message appears the CAM module disappears in the CAM menu
of VDR and decoding of Premiere (German Pay TV) isn't possible anymore. 
In this
case I have to shut down the computer. A hardware reset sometimes help's 
but if I
only boot the computer the CAM module doesn't get initialized.

Is there a possibility to force a reset of the CAM? Or is there 
something else what I
can do? I have to mention that the problem also exists when I connect 
the CAM on
the Nexus. It also exists with different firmware versions and different 
kernels. The
firmware I'm using works better than all the other versions.


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